Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New old books!

Yesterday I visited a second-hand store. I never walk out empty handed! This time I found 2 great books from the 70's. A small one about needle lace with some lovely full size patterns. The rose on the cover is one of the patterns. This is a big book, half embroidery - half macrame.

I'm sure I never make this bag, but this book is filled with lots of patterns.

It was fun to flip through the macrame part of my book. I did some macrame in the 70's and recognized a lot of the things in this book.

This is something I actually made in the 70's. Not as a hanger, but I covered a lot of bottles with macrame!


  1. Volgens mij gaat macramé ook nog wel een revival beleven (net zoals haken en breien nu) als we eerst maar iets "nuttigs" kunnen bedenken om ervan te maken dat niet téveel aan de 70-er jaren doet denken.

  2. This makes me want to get my thread back out again. :D

  3. They were good finds, Annet. I have never done macrame, but remember when it was around!! The lace work book looks interesting. Di


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