Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Log cabin

This week's zentangle challenge is to use a string with only stripes. I used a log cabin quilt block as my string. A classic log cabin block has a red square in the centre to represent the fireplace in the house. What better pattern could I use for that than Paradox, a twisted log cabin! At the blue side I used Stick Weave, Galon and Zedbra, at the purple side Waves, Sonia and Printemps. For the shading I used some coloured pencils. Then I played with the photo of my tangled block on the computer to see how a quilt would look like with 36 blocks . . .

. . . or 144 blocks!

I'm not tempted to make one, but it would look very nice.


  1. Oh my, the original tile is lovely and the computer generated 'quilts' are stunning! Great work!

  2. thank you for telling about the quilt block, I know of quilting. I love how you made paradox the fire place. Love the colors and patterns, and your computer generated blocks are fun.

  3. Log Cabin is one of my favorite block patterns...your zentangle is perfect for the challenge and the quilting concept!!

  4. What a great way to use a Log Cabin block!

  5. Love how you did the colors!!


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