Friday, June 17, 2011

Glue and watercolour paint

Suz showed a great experiment with glue and watercolour paint a few weeks ago. She made cards from it and I recieved one of them last week. I just had to try this technique too. I used PVA glue and watercolour paint in red, yellow and purple. At the bottom left side I mixed the yellow and red. I took lots of detail photo's and had fun with them on my computer.

Here I played with a part of the spiral.

This one is my favourite!

I'm going to experiment with these photo's in my studio journal too.


  1. I love the design of the middle computer one. Whichever you choose, I can't wait to see what you come up with for stitching -- if you do.


  2. Annet, it looks as though the glue you used wasn't as much a resist as the one I used. I think you got some wonderful texture! Wasn't it fun? What's next?

  3. Thanks Faith, I'm not going to start another embroidery soon, first I want to finish my needlepoint vase.

    Yes it was fun, Suz. Maybe I try with another glue too. This morning I made a gesso base for my next experiment. And I still want to try the gesso with the plastic.


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