Thursday, February 26, 2009

Trellis stitch 4

For my next example a made a row of backstitches and made rows of trellis stitches on them, till there was no thread left. It looked like a flap, so I made a pocket beside it. When I was looking for something else, I found some rainbow thread. I made a rectangle and a square. I filled the rectangle with rows of trellis and the square with rounds to see the difference.
This daffodil and the lovely teacup from Annie inspired me . . .
. . . to make a daffodil in trellis stitches. First I made the horizontal and vertical petals in rows. In the centre I made a square of 4 backstitches and used them to create the centre of the flower. I was not happy with the result, so I made the diagonal petals. I filled them in rounds. There was only room for 3 of them, for I already stitched 'trellis stitch' on my fabric!
Here you can see the flower in a different angle.
Today I was making an ATC and tried a small fish (1/2 inch). I used 2 threads of DMC for it. The tail is made of straight stitches.


  1. Wow Annet, wat een mooie experimenten! Vooral de vis vind ik erg mooi.


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