Saturday, February 21, 2009

Trellis stitch 3

In the last few days I had a lot of fun with the trellis stitch. This purple example has a square base of 4 backstitches on each side. I worked from the inside to the outside and increased in the corners. I made 4 rounds. On this diamond base I made a spiral trellis. I made 7 rounds and decreased a stitch in the pointed corners in every row and in the other corners every other row.

Below my green triangle I made a blue one. I started in the straight corner and made 7 rounds. In the straight corner I decreased every other row and in the other corners every row. My triangle is 3/8 inch high!

I also tried a spiral trellis on a base of chain stitches. I started to decrease in the third round. When it was finished I made one round on the loops of the chain stitches on the outside of it, 2 in every loop. I think it looks like a hat.

My last example is made on a base of 5 chain stitches. I started in the second chain stitch and worked around it. In the first round I increased 5 stitches on both ends, in the second round 2 stitches and the third 3 stitches.
I tried to make a picture of my stitches in a different angle, so you can see it dimensional.

So far I only used cotton perlé for my examples. The tutorials of Mary Corbet and Jeanne where a great help for me!


  1. You're really doing well. I like the three sided one. Do you find it difficult when you get close to the top?
    On someone's blog they had done a teacup and saucer!

  2. Your hat looks like a little clutch hat that I felted when I was at college...the chain stitch looks like it works well, Thank you for the link.

  3. Your samples are very nice. I love the shapes. I made a hat similar to yours, based on chain stitches.


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