Monday, February 16, 2009

Chicken scratch 6

This is the last example I did on aida. I made cross stitches and laced them on 3 of them. I saw this on a crazy heart and gave it a try. I did some chicken scratch on Gingham with small squares in 2 colours. First a classic example.
And then one with cross stitches, laced with a thick cotton thread. It's about the size of 4 threads of DMC.
Then I made some standing cross stitches in blue and laced them in brown in 2 different ways. I think it's a nice border design.
And I had to try some chicken scratch on fabric with chicken wire! I made some double cross stitches with the thick thread and laced it with brown.
Now it's time to try the next challenge: the trellis stitch.

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  1. I came to check out your trellis stitch and also enjoyed looking at your chicken scratch. I particularly like the one done on chicken wire fabric!


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