Saturday, February 7, 2009

Chicken scratch 5

I tried some chicken scratch with different stitches. First I made a square of buttonhole stitches. Then I laced it vertical with 4 threads of DMC with light green. I did the same horizontal with green, but I wove the threads.Then I made a border with herringbone stitches in 2 green colours. I laced it with 4 threads of DMC over 1 and 2 stitches. The large lacing is filled with a cross stitch.
Yesterday I decided to make a fabric book from all the stitch explorer examples. So I added the name of the first challenge to my fabric in cross stitches. I think I will frame it with some borders in chicken scratch.


  1. There's no end to the different looks you can get from this chicken scratch! I like your lettering, a good idea to label it. We'll know soon what February's challenge stitch will be soon.

  2. I really like where you have taken the Chicken Scratch stitch...super...

  3. Wow, you have really explored Chicken Scratch in so many ways. Well done. I look forward to seeing your work every month.


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