Friday, April 15, 2011

Plos fabric book cover finished

This week I stitched the last 6 inches of French knots to finish the outside of my cover. Then I stitched some personal notes at the inside. Today I sewed both pieces together. Of course I wanted to see if everything fits, but for now I only show you the backside of the cover . . .
. . . and the pages inside. I only have to cut them to the right size to finish my fabric book.


  1. Good one,Annet!!I've been forever planning to make a fabric book sampler.I think I should put the plan into action soon

  2. Wish I'd made all my samplers the same size for just this reason!

  3. What a stunning memento of your stitching Annet. I would be very interested to know how you put the pages together on the spine side and attached the cover.

  4. It's a lovely idea Annet and will be good to look back on all your beautiful stitching.


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